Scoliosis is a genetic condition that causes the spine to develop ‘C’ or ‘S’ shapes sideways, leading to gait, posture, or nerve-related problems. Most cases of spinal scoliosis are observed in patients who are going through puberty. Minor curve deviations of 10 to 20 degrees don’t cause any severe ailments and allow you to lead an everyday life. However, more extreme curve deviations of above 40 degrees can pinch the spinal nerves and distort your posture until treated by a spine specialist who offers scoliosis treatment in Mumbai.

Depending on the extent of curve deviation, the symptoms of scoliosis can vary from mild to moderate back pain, stiffness, and general fatigue. The primary aim of scoliosis treatment is to relieve these symptoms to improve your lifestyle. The type of treatment chosen for your condition will also depend on the severity of your symptoms. Following are the essential types of treatments for adult scoliosis offered by orthopedic doctors in Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, and around Mumbai today:

Pain Management Medications:

The primary symptom of scoliosis is persistent pain in the back caused due to the stretching and compression of muscles. Hence, the first course of treatment will include oral and topical medications that can help relieve pain. Different NSAID painkillers are now available as over-the-counter drugs for short-term pain management.

In some cases, if the pain is significant and unmanageable with oral drugs, steroidal injections might prove more effective. These injections are directly introduced in the parts that become stiff and inflamed, and a single injection can reduce symptoms for two to three months.

Back Braces:

For scoliosis cases where the posture and gait are affected, it becomes necessary to brace the back and hold it in the appropriate position. If your spinal curve deviation isn’t severe enough to cause nerve impingement, back braces recommended by your spine specialist can help you improve your gait and manage pain to a great extent.

Back Exercises:

The key to improving back pain due to scoliosis is to keep your spine active with only necessary rest. Moderate pain, stiffness, and fatigue can be improved with proper exercises done under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

You may be prescribed specific exercises that aim at strengthening the back muscles to support the spine and reduce its strain.

Spine Surgery:

If none of the above treatments succeed in reducing pain and posture, and if the curve has deviated above 40 degrees, your surgeon may suggest a minimally invasive Endoscopic spine surgery to manually straighten the curve and support the spine with prosthetic rods and screws. Modern endoscopic spine surgeries have a much higher success and reduced healing time due to their less invasive nature.

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