Kids often get injured or complain about bodily pain on any regular day. Sometimes, it is just their way of seeking your attention; other times, it turns out to be an actual problem. In any case, you must never avoid any of your kids’ health complaints and always get them checked by a pediatric specialist.

These days, our orthopedic doctor in Malad West suggests a rising trend in the number of kids and adolescents complaining about persistent back pain. Though most pediatric back pain cases aren’t severe or life-threatening, their persistence could mean that a secondary problem exists which needs to be addressed. Here are some of the causes of back pain that are commonly seen in kids:

Heavy Backpacks:

Many schools have now started addressing heavy backpacks after multiple cases of kids developing back and neck pain due to their weight was brought to light. Prolonged carrying of heavy schoolbags was also linked to the development of severe spine conditions in rare cases.

Ideally, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 15% of the kid’s weight. If a kid complains about back pain during the day, both parents and teachers should ensure that the condition doesn’t aggravate and the kid is prevented from carrying heavy objects.

Spinal Infections:

When kids complain about back pain that aggravates during the night time, it could be a sign of possible spinal infections.

Kids with spinal infections usually have a recent history of infections in other parts of the body. Certain infections can easily spread to the spine and cause unexplained fatigue, fevers, and chills.

To treat back pain due to such infections, a course of antibiotics is prescribed to first cure the underlying problem, which automatically diminishes the pain.


Spondylolysis is a rare form of a stress fracture in the spinal bones caused due to overuse of persistent extension of the back muscles. Though less common in kids, it is relatively more common in athletic kids involved in dancing and gymnastics activities. 

Since most kids heal faster, spondylolysis in kids is often treated non-surgically with physical therapy, bracing, and adequate bed rest.

Spinal Tumors:

The growing spinal bones in kids can develop benign tumor growths in rare cases. Though they’re noncancerous, they can lead to severe back pain due to their deformed growth. 

Back pain due to spinal tumors usually occurs during the night, and if not detected in time, may display other concerning symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, weakness, or numbness in the legs. 

The treatment of spinal tumors varies based on the diagnosis, but the kid may have to be prescribed pain-relieving medications until the condition is treated.

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