5 Easy Ways For Slip Disc Treatment At Home

slip disc treatment at home


The vertebrae of a human being consist of multiple bones stacked on top of each other with a tissue cushion in between them that acts as a shock absorber. However, these cushions can slip out, causing immense pain and discomfort, medically known as a herniated disc. Some people experience chronic back pain as the disc pushes on the nerves and muscles around the vertebral area. 

Slip disc treatment at home can effectively reduce the shooting pain one might experience. However, finding things that work best for you is mostly a matter of trial and error. Here are some common home treatments that can bring positive results to reduce the pain of a herniated disc

Apply heat or cold to the area

Heat or cold therapy is the common treatment for these back pains. In most cases, both could be applied simultaneously to get the most out of their applications. While heat can release a lot of muscle tension and increase the blood flow in the area otherwise obstructed due to herniated disc, cold can reduce inflammation and pain in the tissue.

Ensure you keep up with the therapy periodically to get the maximum benefit. In addition, the temperatures used in the treatment should be the ones you feel comfortable with.

Engage in physical activities

Mild physical activity and stretching are a necessity when it comes to treating herniated disc pain. However, too much bed rest can weaken the muscles around the area, causing more discomfort. Instead, you need to schedule a proper routine to give your body the movement it needs to release endorphins, which reduces pain.

Try incorporating light treadmills and yogas into the whole process to warm your body. Avoid engaging yourself in strenuous activities such as being your body or lifting heavy weights, which puts a lot of pressure on your muscles.  

Changing up sleep positions

Sleep disc treatment at home also includes a healthy position that functionally relieves the pressure from your spine. In addition, properly using a pillow to add a bit of extra support to change things up can help you reduce the pain.

  • Instead of lying directly on your lower back, one can use a pillow under the knees to distribute most support. In addition, it helps to release the tension from the pain causing lower back muscles.
  • You can use a pillow between your knees to keep your spine straight when lying on your sides.

Sleep should be a relaxing way to heal your body, and sleeping in the right position is important to make that happen. Try to incorporate your pillow in positions that relieve stress from the pain-causing spine area.

Massaging your back

An increase in pain you experience after a slipped disk can result from a bad posture which can be reduced through massage. Deep tissue massage can be a great option for the condition as it enables your back to release muscle spasms. In addition, it allows for better blood flow in the area, which helps reduce pain and discomfort.

Consume pain reliever

You can take a pain reliever if you have exhausted all the other options listed here. One should always take them in the right dosage mentioned on the label and not more than that. Some common drugs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, should work fine.

Try these slip disc treatment at home and if you feel like nothing is working for you, consult Dr. Akhil Tawari to receive expert advice and treatment for your spine. He is the best spine surgeon in Mumbai, offering comprehensive spine treatment to over 15,000 patients throughout his career.