Lower back pain is as common as, well, the ‘common cold’. Even if you never feel it, each of your vertebrae is squeezed and twisted every time you move your body and that exerts severe pressure and grinding friction over the discs between them, the lumbar region, or the lower back as most of us know it, takes most of the damage as it experiences the maximum weight press of our upper body.

However, there are several other reasons which might prove to be the real cause of your back pain upon diagnosis. And as the symptom is common amongst all, they are hard to distinguish in the initial stages. Hence, let’s look at the most common causes of back pain and try to figure out which of these is the reason for yours:

Musculoskeletal Strain:

The ligaments and muscles that surround the spinal cord firmly hold it in place to prevent extreme bending or twisting movements. These ligaments can easily get strained or even torn when one tries to stretch, turn around, or lift something briskly.

Anyone can experience a back ligament sprain in regular activities which is marked by tenderness, swelling, and muscle spasms in the lower back muscles.

Traumatic Accidents:

Motor accidents, sudden falls, or a sports accident that causes an extreme twisting or heavy blow to the back can cause vertebral fractures or disc herniation which may not be prominent immediately but will cause severe pain.

If your back ever gets injury during an accident, you may also feel tingling and numbness sensations radiating towards your legs along with immobility and severe pain.

Degenerative Disc Diseases:

This is general degeneration of the spinal disc caused by continual wear and tear over several years of your life. Think of it as rusting of the bearings in gear wheels which cause them to jerk and degrade. Similarly, when the discs that cushion the vertebrae get degraded, it causes the vertebrae to grind over each other and pain.


This disorder is caused when the sciatic nerves get compressed or damaged due to herniation or rupture of a disc.

The symptoms are quite similar to the ones caused by cauda equina syndrome but one can experience them even while coughing or sneezing.

Spinal infections:

Harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungi are constantly lingering around in our body, and if they succeed in infecting one of our vertebrae, they can cause severe back pain and loss of sensory abilities.

Spinal stenosis:

Spinal stenosis mostly develops as we grow older where the spinal canal becomes narrower and pressurizes the nerves in and around it, often leading to conditions such as Sciatica or Cauda equina syndrome.

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