Back pain is a common condition, and every person suffers at least once from back pain. The pain can be caused due to various reasons and in diverse forms. No doubt, back pain is very frustrating and debilitating, but the positive side is, it can be cured and healed with early diagnosis and the right precautionary measures. Procrastinating back treatment may attract unfavorable consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the best orthopedic spine doctor in Malad west to check your back issues.

Back pain can be caused due to simple or complicated reasons, which may heal, recur, or worsen over time. The causes, though not an exhaustive set, are enlisted as.

Back Pain Causes

  • Muscle Sprain or Strain

Muscle strain and sprain are perhaps the common types of back pains. A sprain is the twisting of muscle tendons and tissues, while a strain is referred to as the undue stretching of muscles or ligaments. The sprain and strain may cause widespread pain, ranging from mild to debilitating. Typically, the pain soothes with rest and may escalate with certain kinds of motion.

  • Ruptured Disk

The spinal discs are located in between vertebrae that function as shock absorbers. For some reasons, such as age, stress, weight gain, and trauma to the spine, the discs may deteriorate, causing the spine’s outwards protrusion and rupture of the disk.

  • Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition referred to as sharp tingling sensations of the sciatica nerve that extends from the spine to the legs. The condition is caused due to herniated discs or bone spurs that irritate the sciatica nerve and surrounding muscles.

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • It causes back pain in aging. As we get older, the spine narrows and becomes constricted. The tissues thicken and become hard. Nerve roots become compressed, causing spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolysis

      It is a condition referred to as a stress fracture in the spine. It usually occurs in adolescents involved in sports and gymnastics.

  • Scoliosis

It is a spine disorder in which the spine alignment distorts to S or C shape. It usually occurs in adolescents, and sometimes multiple members in a family are found with scoliosis problems. Hence, the genetic factor may potentially dominate as the cause of its occurrence. Some rare causes are:

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

AS is chronic inflammation of spine joints causing lower back pain or stiffness.

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

It is a rare condition that occurs due to irritation of a bundle of nerves causing lower back pain eventually.

  • Cancer

A tumor or cancer may arise on its own, causing pain that radiates to the neck and arms. The pain may be coupled with fatigue and unusual weight loss.

  • Infection

Vertebral Diskitis is the term referred to as an infection in the spine. It causes severe pain and constant pain.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis includes:

  • Physical Examination
  • Lab 
  • Imaging
  • Differential Diagnosis

The back pain treatments include:

  • Self-care prescribed by orthopedic doctors is applying heat and ice packs and taking sufficient rest.
  • Medication as prescribed by an orthopedic doctor.
  • Physical Therapy practiced by the orthopedic doctor  to improve physical mobility 
  • Extra therapies to cure back pain include methods like yoga, tai-chi, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc.


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