Spinal Cord Injury Treatment: Here is what you need to know

What is spinal cord injury? Spinal cord injury is a serious medical issue in which the spinal cord has been damaged. This can be caused by a fall, motor vehicle accident, sports-related injury, or other trauma. The injury can be mild or severe, and it can cause loss of sensation, muscle weakness, or paralysis. In […]

Does Pregnancy Epidural Cause Back Pain? Know the Relief Treatments

What is a Pregnancy Epidural? A Pregnancy epidural is a procedure of injecting local anesthesia around the spinal nerves in your lower back to block pain. It is typically given in pregnancy to numb the lower back and ease the labor pain. It is designed to block the pain in the lower half of the […]

How to Manage the Discomfort of Lower Back Pain?

You may have lifted something heavy today, slept in a wrong position, or sat in a position for a prolonged period, resulting in lower back pain. Whatever may be the reason, but back pain can restrict your body movements and affect personal & professional life. One out of four people experiences back pain at a […]

Things You Must Know About Spinal Infections

Spinal infection is a relatively rare kind of diagnosis but can cause significant damage to the patient’s spine. If left untreated or delayed, it can develop into life-threatening severe health complications. An unattended spinal infection can lead to: Bone abnormalities Unstable spine Compressed Spinal Cord Systemic spread of infection Spinal cord infection and Meningitis Weakness […]

5 Health Problems You’ll Probably Face While Working From Home

Working from home has created a whole new experience in the lives of the ones who have never done so before this lockdown. To some its the most relaxed version of work while to others, it’s pesky and less productive. And while we do so, not all of us were well-prepared for it. The main […]

7 Factors Contributing To Your Back Pain Problems

Back pain almost always starts as a tolerable twinge, which gradually radiates down the back to one’s legs and becomes chronic. And although this problem is as common as headaches, in most of its cases, it is almost impossible to pin down the exact cause and location of the pain. Hence, the best methodology for […]