4 Medical Treatments Options For Adult Scoliosis Available Today

Scoliosis is a genetic condition that causes the spine to develop ‘C’ or ‘S’ shapes sideways, leading to gait, posture, or nerve-related problems. Most cases of spinal scoliosis are observed in patients who are going through puberty. Minor curve deviations of 10 to 20 degrees don’t cause any severe ailments and allow you to lead […]

All You Need To Know About Kyphosis

Kyphosis refers to an abnormal rounding of the back. The condition mostly occurs in young patients and adults. A small curve in your upper back is normal until it starts causing pain and discomfort. Kyphosis is often associated with lousy seating posture, spinal abnormalities, or age-related weakness. Dr Akhil Tawari is a well-accomplished and certified […]