Vertebroplasty vs Kyphoplasty
Know The Differences In These Spinal Procedures

Generally, there are 2 typical methods used for spinal augmentation, a classification of surgical treatments created to instantly balance a vertebral fracture and manage continuous spinal deformity. Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty can help patients to lower the chances of future fractures and also helps in faster recovery. 

Read this article further to learn more about vertebroplasty vs kyphoplasty. 

What is vertebroplasty? 

It is a process of injecting a special cement into a fractured vertebra with the aim of restoring mobility and relieving spinal pain. Many studies indicate that this process offers benefits over a conventional approach, such as back braces, muscle relaxant injections, and replacement surgeries. However, everyone who is dealing with fractured vertebrae may not be a candidate for this procedure.

Candidates for vertebroplasty

This process is usually recommended for patients with worsening pathological or osteoporotic fractures of vertebral compression. People who have a significantly lowered ability to function due to spinal fractures may be suggested this procedure. 

What is kyphoplasty?

The reason behind the name kyphoplasty is because it includes the effort made to decrease the kyphosis that develops from the vertebral collapse in the spinal column. 

In this, a surgical instrument or multiple prosthetics are set down around the vertebrae to decrease the vertebral body collapse and bring it close to its proper shape. The median void made after the removal of the surgical instruments and prosthetics is filled up with sustaining material to make the fracture stable and reinforce the vertebral shape. 

Candidates for Kyphoplasty

It is primarily for children and adults who are diagnosed with progressive Kyphosis. However, a person suffering from multiple vertebral fractures caused by bone marrow cancer, osteoporosis, benign vascular tumors, and metastatic cancer may also be considered candidates. 

Vertebroplasty vs Kyphoplasty Procedures

Vertebroplasty vs Kyphoplasty
Vertebroplasty procedure

The vertebroplasty procedure is commonly carried out under general anesthesia, in an operating room or X-ray suite. 

  • The position of the patient is faced down, whether the fracture is comparatively unstable or acute. 
  • A fine needle is injected inside the vertebra with the guidance of an X-ray.
  • Polymethyl methacrylate is passed with pressure straight in the fractured vertebra.
  • It takes around ten minutes to harden the cement, and solidifying fractured part fragments offers instant stability. 

In this process, the material is laid down instantly in the fractured area to stabilize the area. This procedure needs no vertebral manipulation while using instruments.

Kyphoplasty procedure 

The procedure, which is also known as a modified vertebroplasty technique, is generally carried out in an operating room under general anesthesia. 

  • The patient is laid down in the prone position.
  • A tube of a balloon, the same as the one used in the heart angioplasty, is inserted into the vertebral body with the help of an X-ray, and then aerated with the pressure of a liquid.
  • When the balloon is puffed out, it restores the vertebral collapse and can also align the unusual wedging of a splintered vertebra. 
  • As the balloon is utterly aerated, it is removed and deflated, and the concavity made is loaded with fine bone cement with the help of lower pressure than in vertebroplasty.
  • Then the cement makes the place harder, intending to maintain any alignment of wedging and collapse. 


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