What causes the burning sensation in the lower back?

burning sensation in the lower back

Back pains are something that people cannot ignore in our day-to-day life, where we spend most of our time at our desks; however, a burning sensation is not something that typically comes to mind. The burning sensation in the lower back is not your chronic back pain, and the causes could be deep-rooted in your spine. Typically a burning pain is accompanied by neurological problems such as numbness.

A person can find it extremely difficult to continue their daily activity if the sensation persists. Under such circumstances, it is always recommended to visit a doctor to get it thoroughly diagnosed. To learn more about the causes of such a burning sensation, go through the article to develop a general idea.

What causes the burning sensation in the lower back?

Burning sensations in your back are mostly connected to an underlying neurological problem. The various causes that can potentially stimulate such a sensation are mentioned below.

Pinched nerve

One of the most common causes of a hot back is compression in the nerves connected to the spinal cord. Under the compression, your brain registers the feeling as a burning sensation. There are numerous reasons for compression that you must know of.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc is a condition where the cushioning disc between the vertebrae slips out, causing nerve compression and numbness. It generally occurs due to old age or injury to the spine.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal column narrows down from where the nerves protrude. As a result of the narrowing, nerves get pinched down, and you are likely to feel the burn around the area.

Sciatic nerve damage

In case of damage due to compression of sciatic nerves, one can feel a burning sensation in the lower back. In addition, the condition identified as sciatica causes inflammation and does require anti-inflammatory medicine as a treatment.

Lumbar radiculitis

Herniated discs and arthritis lead to lumbar radiculitis, a condition that causes compression and irritation to the nerves in your back. It calls for a burning sensation that runs all the way from your spine down to a person’s leg.

Multiple sclerosis 

In some instances, the nerve fibers that run throughout the spinal cord get damaged resulting in multiple sclerosis. This neurological problem affects not only the fibre but its protective coating outside, disrupting the signals reaching your spine to the brain. As a result, the brain misinterprets the signals, which causes the burning sensation.

Apart from the usual inflammation, one might see additional symptoms such as muscle stiffness or numbness. Under normal circumstances, the treatment involves muscle relaxants and physical therapy to tackle the condition.


A burning sensation in the lower back can stem from disorders of the central nervous system, which leads to fibromyalgia. Under this condition, your brain finds it difficult to interpret signals from the spinal nerves, which triggers a burning sensation. Fibromyalgia is associated with muscle pains which are, however, understood as inflammation.

Treatments for fibromyalgia include

  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Pain relievers
  • Muscle relaxants

Lyme disease 

Lyme disease is a bacterial disease, namely borrelia bacteria which is solely tick-borne. Upon a bite from the tick, one can contract the disease, which generally induces muscle pain and joint aches. It also affects our nervous system causing extreme fatigue and inflamed nerve endings.

The nerve ending in the spine can also be affected as a result, one can experience a burning or hot sensation in the lower back.

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